How many subjects do you need for your study? What’s a P-value? How do you handle missing data? These are just some of the questions answered in our statistical, epidemiological, and research methods course series. Experienced instructors from Tufts CTSI will help you avoid common pitfalls in study design and data analysis, and learn to build or evaluate workable methods for a research project.

Calculating Sample Size and Power

How many subjects do I need for my research study? How will you calculate your sample size?

Speaker: Farzad Noubary Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Developing a Research Protocol

How do you develop a research protocol that ensures the safety and confidentiality of your study participants?

Instructor: Tammy Scott Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Evaluating a Scientific Journal Article

What makes a journal article successful?

Instructor: Lori Lyn Price Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Experimental and Observational Study Designs

How do you know which study design to choose for your project?

Instructor: Daniel E. Weiner Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Formulating Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Objectives

Why should you formulate a clinically relevant, well-defined research question?

Instructor: Kahsi A. Smith, PhD Location: Tufts Boston Campus
Introduction to Survey Design

Need a survey for your research project?

Instructor: Susan Koch-Weser Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Best Practices for Chart Review Studies

Are you planning on conducting a retrospective chart review to answer a research question? Learn about the resources Tufts CTSI can provide to support your research.

Instructor: Multiple Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Medical Inference: A Primer on Critically Evaluating Medical Evidence

Need help in deciding whether a study finding is clinically important?

Instructor: H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Item Response Theory

Interested in learning how to incorporate Item Response Theory (IRT) in your research surveys?

Instructor: Barbara Gandek Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Linear and Logistic Regression

What is linear and logistic regression, and when should you use it?

Instructor: Lori Lyn Price Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Mixed Methods (1 of 4): Introduction to Mixed Methods

Do you know what kinds of research questions are best suited for qualitative methods?

Instructors: Justeen Hyde; Thomas Mackie Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Mixed Methods (2 of 4): Qualitative Research Process in Health Services Research

Are you interested in conducting qualitative research, but not sure where to begin?

Instructor: Justeen Hyde Course Type: Self-Paced Online