Our Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) courses feature nationally renowned CER experts and their discussion on the current state of CER and research methodologies and tools. You will learn about patient-centered research examples in each translational spectrum of Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Methods for Prioritizing Comparative Effectiveness Research

What information is most needed by patients and providers to make informed health care decisions?

Instructors: Peter Neumann, Ethan Balk, Joshua Cohen Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Demystifying Pragmatic Trials

What is a pragmatic trial, and what methodological challenges should you consider?

Instructors: Tom Concannon, Harry Selker Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Why Comparative Effectiveness Research Matters

What is comparative effectiveness research (CER), and why is it important?

Instructor: John Wong Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research

What is stakeholder and community engagement (SCE), and why is it important?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Preparing for Patient-Centered and Stakeholder-Engaged Research

Need to incorporate stakeholder engagement into your study, but not sure where to start?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online