The term "team science" represents the observation that research increasingly is collaborative and that investigators from different disciplines, institutions, and communities often need to work together to effectively address complex problems. Successfully developing or participating in scientific collaborations can require considerable thought and practical skill applied to teamwork, project management, and research planning. Importantly also, it can mean engaging with multiple communities and broad groups of non-academic stakeholders essential to a project's ultimate impact.

The courses and other resources in this section present the fundamentals of "the science of team science" while covering an array of considerations for productive collaboration and meaningful engagement that are relevant to all areas of biomedical and health sciences research.

Planning and Evaluation of Stakeholder Engagement in Research

How should you plan and evaluate stakeholder engagement in research?

Instructor:Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Strategies for Developing a Team Science Grant Proposal

How do you strategically build a strong grant proposal team?

Instructor: Amy Gantt, MA Course Type: Self-Paced Online
How to Work With Industry: Insights from Experts

How do you know if your research ideas are of interest to industry?

Instructors: Karen Freund, Gillian Black-Noller, and Other Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Community-Engaged Participatory Research Partnerships

Looking for effective models of academic-community partnerships in translational research?

Instructor: Carolyn Rubin Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Stakeholder Engagement in Basic Science: Theory to Practice

How does stakeholder engagement work in basic science research?

Instructor: Jonathan Garlick Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Breaking the Silence: Confronting Exclusion in Research

Are we doing enough to help all patients, of all backgrounds, get the care they need when they interface with our health care system?

Instructors: Camara Phyllis Jones & Others Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research

What is stakeholder and community engagement (SCE), and why is it important?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Preparing for Patient-Centered and Stakeholder-Engaged Research

Need to incorporate stakeholder engagement into your study, but not sure where to start?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online