Year Published: 2022

Time to Complete: 45 minutes

Instructor: Angie Mae Rodday, PhD, MS

Learning Level: Fundamental

Primary Audience: Researchers, other study team members

Prerequisite: None

Skills Domain: Scientific Concepts and Research Design

How can you decide which statistical test to use in research data analysis?

Dr. Angie Mae Rodday, Associate Director of the Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Graduate Program at Tufts CTSI will discuss an overview of several widely used statistical tests, including t-tests, paired t-tests, chi-square, and their non-parametric counterparts.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Write research objectives using a standardized format.
  • Explain the basics of hypothesis testing, including interpretation of the P value.
  • Identify the types of variables and how they are summarized.
  • Identify statistical tests commonly used for different types of outcome variables.
  • Select appropriate statistical tests to use for published clinical examples.



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