Why do people participate in clinical studies and trials? What are the challenges to recruiting human and animal research participants, and how can we overcome them? Our practical, evidence-based recruitment and retention courses help you examine your recruitment plan in pre- and post-award phases of research studies. These courses help you ensure recruitment strategies are aligned with population diversity targets, and employ culturally sensitive approaches to participant engagement in research.

Good Patient Recruitment Practice in Clinical Trials

Interested in best practices for recruiting and retaining patient participants in research?

Speaker: Bonnie A. Brescia; Aaron Fleishman Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Getting Creative with Clinical Research

Interested in learning how to be more creative about patient recruitment strategies?

Instructors:Justin Jones, Danielle Frate Course Type: Self-Paced Online
The Art and Science of Clinical Trial Feasibility with Industry Experts from BBK Worldwide

How do you assess the feasibility of your study's recruitment plan?

Instructors: Matt Kibby, Sarah Mandracchia Course Type: Self-Paced Online