Year Published: 2018

Time to Complete: 85 min

Instructor: Elissa Chesler, PhD; Jonathan Davis, MD; Peter Friedmann, MD, MPH; Andrew Kolodny, MD, MSPH

Learning Level: Fundamental

Primary Audience: Research Team

Prerequisite: None

Skills Domain: Scientific Concepts and Research Design

Looking for examples of addiction research and methodologies across the translational science spectrum?

This course features lecture recordings from the Translational Research Day 2018: Addiction Research in the Lab, Clinic, and Community.

Content Outline

  • Kolodny - Prescription Opioid Heroin Epidemic
  • Friedmann - Translation Addiction Research
  • Davis – Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Increasing Rapidly
  • Chesler - Integrative Genetics Genomics


  • Lecture Slide Deck (PDF)

Course Evaluation

  • Post-Course Evaluation
  • Course Completion Verification
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