Image of hand holding pen writing on paper, with calculator nearby

Date: January 27, 2022

Length: 60 minutes

Instructors: Carly Tucker, Olivia Lovegreen, Swetha Chinta

Learning Level: Fundamental

Primary Audience: Clinical Research Staff

Prerequisite: None

Skills Domain: Study and Site Management

Clinical Research from a Research Administration Perspective

This course is a recording from Tufts Medical Center's Clinical Research Staff Quarterly Training from January 27, 2022. This session focuses on the clinical research process from the Research Administration perspective. You will learn how to help Research Administration develop clinical research budgets and complete the Medicare Coverage Analysis. We will walk through an overview of the Medicare Coverage Analysis process and give insight to the process of negotiating Clinical Research agreements. You will also learn how to help your Research Administrator develop budgets, track expenses, and closeout the study from a financial perspective. We will also cover how to utilize the CTMS to improve communication with Research Administration, and will preview how upcoming changes in EPIC will affect the pre-registration process for clinical research studies.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify barriers in the startup process.
  • Identify methods for improving the startup process.
  • Identify what your research administrator needs from you and/or your PI, and when.
  • Describe techniques for improving communication with the Research Administration department.
Dates: Wednesday December 9th 12pm-1:00pm  
Location: Zoom  
 This Course is Free