data science

Date:  September 29, 2021

Time to Complete: 60 mintues

Course Type: Self-paced Online

Instructors: Ludovic Trinquart, PhD

Learning Level: Fundamental

Primary Audience: PIs, Research coordinators, Postdoctoral researchers, Graduate students, Other study team members

Prerequisite: None

Course Collection(s): Research Design and Data Analysis


Are you curious about novel randomization procedures?

The September seminar of the Center for Quantitative Methods and Data Sciences (QM&DS), in partnership with the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Center at Tufts CTSI and the Data-Intensive Studies Center (DISC) at Tufts University, occurred on September 29th, 2021 via Zoom. The topic of this month's webinar was "I Thought I Knew What Randomization Was: Procedures and Inference"

Randomization is the cornerstone of randomized trials, from small studies to online experiments at scale. In this talk, Dr. Trinquart reviews conventional and novel randomization procedures. He provides practical guidance for their implementation. Based on considerations for chronological and selection biases, Dr. Trinquart challenges the standard practice of using the permuted block technique and describe a superior technique, the maximally tolerated imbalance procedure. He concludes with remarks on randomization inference.

Featured Speaker

Ludovic Trinquart, PhD is the director of the Center for Clinical Trials at Tufts CTSI. His research is focused on statistical methodologies for the design and analysis of clinical trials, meta-analysis, and risk prediction modeling. His ongoing research interests include innovative methods for clinical trials with censored endpoints and for adaptive designs. Dr. Trinquart leads investigations of lifetime risk of atrial fibrillation and its complications. He also develops novel methods for meta-analyses and network meta-analyses of clinical trials and observational studies.

Dates: Wednesday December 9th 12pm-1:00pm  
Location: Zoom  

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