In this series, you will examine three distinct academic traditions that give us insights to how stakeholders have been engaged in health-related research. These courses are foundational to all levels of researchers and offer methodological frameworks distinguished by who initiates engagement. You will explore:

  • Comparative Effectiveness or Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Who are the stakeholders in translational science and how can they be involved?
  • Citizen Science: How can researchers respond effectively to patient demands for translational science?
  • Community-Based Participatory Research: How best can researchers and communities work together in translational science?
Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research

What is stakeholder and community engagement (SCE), and why is it important?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Preparing for Patient-Centered and Stakeholder-Engaged Research

Need to incorporate stakeholder engagement into your study, but not sure where to start?

Instructor: Thomas Concannon Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Community-Engaged Participatory Research Partnerships

Looking for effective models of academic-community partnerships in translational research?

Instructor: Carolyn Rubin Course Type: Self-Paced Online