This skills domain "encompasses knowledge of how investigational products are developed and regulated." Learn more about this skills domain here.

Pediatric Study Regulations, Conduct, & Close-Out

Looking for best practices for closing out pediatric studies?

Instructors: Donna Snyder, Lynne Yao, Robert (Skip) Nelson, and Other Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Resources for Pediatric Clinical Trials

What resources are available for pediatric clinical trials?

Instructors: Harry Selker, Edward Connor, and Other Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Translational Research Day 2017: Biomarkers and Device Development

How can sensor, device, and biomarker data improve health, prevent and detect disease at an earlier stage, and personalize interventions?

Instructors: Josh Cosman, Navin Kapur, Stephen Intille, Brian Timko Course Type: Self-Paced Online