Interested in creating a culture and environment that prioritizes the inclusion of underrepresented populations along the entire translational research spectrum? Learn about evidence-based recruitment and retention strategies and guidance on how to include underrepresented populations or those requiring special considerations in your research. To learn more about Tufts CTSI’s services about this topic, please click here.

Applying Implementation Science Frameworks to Your Research

Do you have a grant proposal or protocol for an intervention involving hospitals, schools and local communities?

Instructors: Sara Folta, Denise Daudelin Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Research with Sexual and Gender Minority Populations

What considerations are there when conducting research with the sexual and gender minority population?

Instructor: Tania D. Strout Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Recruitment and Retention of Older Adults in Research

Why is it important to include older adults in research, and how can it improve your study?

Instructor: Sara Folta Course Type: Self-Paced Online
Breaking the Silence: Confronting Exclusion in Research

Are we doing enough to help patients of all backgrounds get the care they need?

Instructors: Camara Phyllis Jones & Others Course Type: Self-Paced Online